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11/28/2022 - 10:45 AM Uhr

Youth theater: Hexe Hillary geht in die Oper (in german language)

For the 1st to 4th grade of primary school

With magic wand and baton 
When Witch Hillary wins two tickets to the opera, she is terribly excited - and terribly perplexed. "Opera" - what is that supposed to be? Before she goes, she wants to know what this "theatre where everyone just sings" is all about. Witched, done: shortly afterwards, the surprised Maria Bellacanta, a state-certified witch and opera singer, is standing in Hillary's caravan. In exchange for a free ticket, she agrees to tell young Hillary something about opera. Between watering flowers and making tea, she learns with her own ears that the people there sing quite voluntarily ("No singing curse?"), what the notes are all about ("No flying?") and what the opera is all about. 
("No flyspeck?"), that singing can also enchant someone, evoke feelings and even tell stories. Many questions later, Hillary finds the opera not so bad and Maria quite nice. But that doesn't mean they'll actually cash in the opera tickets or even start singing themselves - or do they?
An entertaining children's classic about the world of opera and about a magical friendship.
A guest performance by the Next Liberty Theatre, Graz
Children's play with music by Peter Lund

Director: Maximilian Achatz
Set design: Alexia Redl
Live music: Andrej Skorobogatko
Choreography: András Kurta
Magic training: Philipp Tawfik
Dramaturgy: Sarah Nabjinsky

Yvonne Klamant (Witch Hillary), Regine Sturm (Maria Bellacanta), Andrej Skorobogatko (The Piano Player)

Photo: stella
Duration: approx. 1 hour

5 € (pupils)
10 € (adults)
0 € (teachers accompanying school classes)

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