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10/25/2020 - 4:00 PM Uhr

Theatre "Forse che sì forse che no" (in italian language)

Compagnia Teatro Blu

with Nicola Benussi

It's not easy at all. Yes, it's not easy at all. A mum and a dad want so much to have a baby, it would be the culmination of their dreams, the way to consolidate and define their great love forever. They wait: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine months.
Well yes, as in any self-respecting story, their dream finally comes true.
Thus begins the show, with the realization of a dream. A moment of great happiness opens that mom and dad want to share with everyone. But dreams, as often happens, do not last long. Sometimes they only last the right time to savor them, then reality returns overbearing with its requests. The child who arrives is certainly a beautiful child, he is lively like lively children and likeable like nice children; but he is also a little different, not so much, just a little, he was born without hair. A completely 'bald' child who will remain bald forever. Thus everything changes, the parents themselves do not know how to find him a name yet and, in the hope of a future change, they decide to call him: 'Maybe yes, maybe not' which is perhaps a name but above all it is a 'hope'.
A show that tells of the courage to live and the tenderness of being a child in a world of distracted or overly attentive adults, and tells of the possibility that every child has to be alive and totally present in his own existence. A narrative that wants to talk about diversity, without finding easy loopholes in the possibility of a useless and impossible adaptation, which can be experienced and accepted as a personal and original form of existence in all its hidden beauty.

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