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2/26/2024 - 8:45 AM Uhr

Youth theater: Kein leichter Fall (in german language)

For 1st to 5th grade high school and vocational school

Does justice require punishment - or reconciliation? 
What happens when you mess up? If you simply break in somewhere, vandalise the entire home of an old lady and then get caught. What happens then? Daniel was arrested and now has to attend a victim-offender mediation meeting. Alternative conflict resolution, as his social worker calls it. His mother is sceptical, her son is not a criminal! And Mrs Ross's son, who now no longer wants to enter her flat and is completely terrified, sees no reason for this either. Why should he talk to the perpetrator, there's nothing to sort out, he just needs to be punished! Daniel, his mother, Mrs Ross, her son and the social worker. The individual fates form an explosive mixture. But there is a lot to discover in their life stories. What can happen if they simply talk to each other? In the end, the question is: Is there justice without punishment? Or is there even such a thing as reconciliation between perpetrator and victim? 

A guest performance by the Dortmund Children's and Youth Theatre
by David S. Craig 
Translated from the English by Anke Ehlers

Director: Johanna Weißert
Set design: Julia Schiller
Dramaturgy: Milena Noëmi Kowalski
Theatre mediation: Linda Nerlich

With: Thomas Ehrlichmann, Bianka Lammert, Sar Adina Scheer, Andreas Ksienzyk, Bettina Zobel

Photo © Birgit Hupfeld

Start: 8.45 am and 10.45 am
Duration: approx. 1 hour 10 minutes

6 € (pupils)
10 € (adults)
0 € (teachers accompanying school classes)

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